Milluu has completed the new round led by CofounderZone

The apartment rental platform, which has digitized the rental process of apartments, announced the completion of a funding round worth 1 million euros led by CofounderZone along with three business angels.

Strefa Pomysłodawcy Demo Day

On 10 January 2023, the Strefa Pomysłodawcy Demo Day took place at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań.

Auxilius Pharma closes an investment round

The Company was joined by CofounderZone and Augebit FIZ as well as several business angels who invested roughly a total of USD 1m.

Ecobean secures funding to advance on the path to limit the carbon footprint of the global coffee industry

Ecobean has developed a proprietary technology to process waste coffee grounds into sustainable raw materials and specialty chemicals.

Carein introduces dermosupplements to the market after successful pre-seed round

Carein is the first company in Central Europe to develop a new category of proprietary dietary supplements focused on dermatological problems.